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Grow Natural Learning is here to support families who are choosing alternative education pathways for their children.

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TERM 1   2023

Brunswick Heads
Tuesdays ~ Wednesdays
Ages 7+

All programs are based in Brunswick Heads, run by Mahli, Tegan, Talia and Tori and are offered for children ages 7-12.  Please see the program outline below for more information. 

Wild By Nature (Tuesdays): Wild By Nature is a dynamic nature-based program that weaves wild adventure, movement, games, storytelling, bush skills and crafts, nature awareness, and ecological knowledge into a basket of connected culture and learning. In term 1 the boys and girls group will remain separate for the majority of the time and weave together as feels right. 

Science & Magic (Wednesdays): Science & Magic has a nature connection undertone but focuses on more hands-on and mind-activating activities for curious minds and engaged learners. 
This term our theme for Science & Magic is Earth Matters: The Story of Stuff...
No other animal has creatively used the matter of our Earth in the way humans have. We have learned to source and craft the most amazing, beautiful and useful things imaginable. And, on the other end of the spectrum, some of the most useless and wasteful things imaginable. In many cultures, for much of our journey, the earth’s gifts have been considered sacred, and approached with deep respect. In a modern world that seems far less apparent. So what is the story of our relationship to “stuff”? How have we sourced, crafted and disposed of things over time and where have we ended up? How can we use our creative genius to be in a healthy relationship with our material world and approach it in a way that honours the understanding that “Earth Matters”?

All this and more in this term’s Science and Magic journey…

Programs start the week of the 7th February and run for 9 weeks. The final week of term is that of the 3rd April. 

Grow program contributions per child: 

Super Early Bird (Paid in full before 31st December)

Tuesdays: $630

Wednesdays: $730

Early Bird (Paid in full before 15th January) 

Tuesdays: $680

Wednesdays: $780 


Tuesdays: $730

Wednesdays: $830

Casual/trial rate (per day)

Tuesdays: $85

Wednesdays: $95

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