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Grow Natural Learning is here to support families who are choosing alternative education pathways for their children.


TERM 4   2022

Brunswick Heads
Tuesdays ~ Wednesdays
Ages 7+

School Holiday 'Grow Wild' Day

Wednesday 5th October: 9.30 - 3.30 $70

'Grow Wild' days will be a mix of games, skills, story and craft inspired by the natural world that surrounds us. Each day will have a storied theme that weave together science, magic, and mystery. These days are an opportunity for new families to experience the world of Grow Natural Learning, to get a taste of our culture and what we're about. Or, for those who are already part of our programs, it's an extra couple of days of what you already know and love! 

Term 4

Our theme for term 4 is Waterways: The Lifeblood of the Land
Each of our programs will explore this theme in its own unique way.

All programs are based in Brunswick Heads, run by Mahli and Tegan and are offered for children ages 7-12. 

Wild By Nature (Tuesdays): Wild By Nature is a dynamic nature-based program that weaves wild adventure, movement, games, storytelling, bush skills and crafts, nature awareness, and ecological knowledge into a basket of connected culture and learning. In term 4 the boys and girls group will remain separate for the majority of the time and weave together as feels right. We will bring a water focus into our skills and nature connection practices; and explore craft and survival skills related to water, as well as ecological knowledge of waterways.

Science & Magic (Wednesdays): Science & Magic has a nature connection undertone but focuses on more hands-on and mind-activating activities for curious minds and engaged learners. In term 4 it will be all about the wonderful world of water. We will look at the science and magic of water as an incredible and mysterious form of matter; the water cycle in relation to our local/regional landscape and seasons; the different types of local waterways and their communities of life; how water supports us (drinking, food, play etc); how we can support it; it's historical place in our Earth and human journey, as well as its mythic role in our and other cultures. There will be lots of stories, games, hands on and embodied science and magic explorations. 

Each week we will explore a new story through oral comprehension, drama and creativity (art, craft, song, drama, and writing). The explorations will be woven with embodiment and layers of non-confrontational literacy learning We will develop the skills for storytelling (form, flow, voice, body, confidence and imagination etc) through various creative forms (story, poetry, theatre, art etc). It will be physical and playful enough to engage boys as well as girls.

Programs start the week of the 11th October and run for 9 weeks. The final week of term is that of the 6th December. 




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