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Natural Learning, as we see it, is based on the idea that humans, just like seeds, are born with all they need to live their lives to their full potential. It is our responsibility to create the right foundations and conditions for them to thrive.

What are our foundations for growth?

Trust is a reciprocal relationship. If we want young people to trust us it is essential that we also trust them. When we trust them to find their own limits and their safe edges, we empower them in becoming independent beings who can rely on and trust themselves.

We trust in their natural desire to learn and grow. We trust in their curiosity and their desire to inhabit and participate in the world around them.

We trust in their timing and the natural unfolding of their personal learning journey.

Natural Learning is only possible within the context of a village. We do not see ourselves as teachers and students. We see ourselves as a community of learners that incorporates people from as many different ages as possible. We welcome family involvement, teen mentors and elders to join us in the co-creation of village culture. We celebrate the individual and their gifts while also modelling the necessity to support the village. It is important that everyone feels safe and contributes to a sense of individual and group belonging. The 'grown-ups' of the village model and hold healthy boundaries around safety, relating and consent.

All learning, and life, is embedded within a greater ecology which we are a part of. This includes the natural cycles of nature. We as humans are an inextricable part of the natural world. Our learning and development occurs within an interconnected web of life that includes home, community, country, global and ethereal networks. Our awareness of and relationships to these ecologies is fundamental to our well-being and the well-being of our Earth home.

Natural Learning: About Us
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