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Ages 7+

Science and Magic days are designed to inspire, nourish and
encourage the natural curiosities of children. How does the world
around me work? What is it made of?

Our science and Magic programs look at the interplay between
reason and intuition and embodiment in a fun, engaging and
playful manner. We offer science and magic for a broad age range
and offer lots of choices to cater to the different needs and
interests of the various ages.
Learning is fostered through creative, hands-on activities,
embodied movement, play and literacy/numeracy skillsets that
nurture and scaffold learning holistically.
Throughout the term we host guest facilitators who are experts in
their field and have some extra special science and/or magic to
share with us.

Science & Magic: Welcome


Science & Magic: Welcome
No upcoming events at the moment
Science & Magic: Events List
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