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Grow Natural Learning is part of a pioneering movement of organisations that are creating a new way forward for the education of our young people.

At Grow we believe that young people are whole and complete unto themselves. We understand that it is their curiosity and willingness to engage with life that guides them. As the 'grown ups' (mentors and facilitators) it is our job to provide a safe space, to develop trusting and loving relationships and to ensure access to knowledge, resources, tools and programs that are relevant and appropriate.

Our programs are designed to inspire, activate and engage children.

We view ourselves as a community of learners. We value each individual for their unique gifts and the qualities they bring to our community.

The grown-ups of Grow Natural Learning each has a story that led them to be part of this new educational paradigm. We share a passion for the old ways of being and child-rearing. We see the value in community centred learning and care. When kids sign up to our programs they are signing up to be part of a community. We genuinely care about the children and their families.

We value diversity in learning including diversity of age, learning styles, abilities, interests and tools. We offer education that encourages learners to take charge of their learning journey, follow their passions and learn how to be part of community. Grow works with other facilitators and community members to deliver programs that are creative, unique and connected to the world the children inhabit.

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