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Passion ~ Commitment ~ Care

The team at Grow work closely together as a circle. We make decisions and plan programs collaboratively. We have all walked different life paths and had a history in education. We meet together in this space with shared values, shared passion and shared vision. We bring a diverse range of expertise, skills and quirks.

Our Team: Our Team

Talia, Mahli and Tegan make up the core team of Grow Natural Learning. We are grateful for the involvement of a number of other mentors and parents helpers.



Talia has worked with children in formal and informal capacities for over 10 years. As a trained primary school and early childhood teacher Talia has the capacity to implement formal education programs. However, her interest lies in creating an educational environment that is dynamic, stimulating, creative and fosters the child's natural curiosity and authentic love of learning. Talia works to ensure that the children feel safe, seen and embraced for where they are in their learning journey. Talia is passionate about creating real alternatives to the school system. Talia is a co-founder of Grow Natural Learning and works closely with the Grow team to offer inspiring programs to the Mullumbimby Home-school community.

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