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Ages 7+

Boys Group (Mahli and Tori)

Girls Group (Tegan)

Wild By Nature is a dynamic nature-based program that weaves wild adventure, movement, games, storytelling, bush skills and crafts, nature awareness, ritual and ecological knowledge into a basket of connected culture and learning.

Designed for children aged 7+,Wild by Nature Adventure Days are a playful and developmentally rich way to connect with wild hearts and wise minds.

Centred on a connection-based approach to education we aim to create a space in which our tribe feel a sense of safety, belonging, autonomy, empowerment and joyful connection to nature, themselves and each other.

During our Wild By Nature days we surrender. We step back and appreciate that the natural world is the classroom, the prompt, the teacher, the experience and the best friend. The day is about remembering the old ways of being together as a village, where children are free and trusted to be their own guides, each other’s teachers and the earth’s care takers.

The 7+ group is split into boys and girls. We love offering the opportunity for boys to be boys and girls to be girls. We find there is a special kind of magic and connection that happens when they can relax into the comfort and similarities of their own gender. We recognise that not all children will feel comfortable or aligned with this way and we respect and appreciate them too! 

The girls group tends to stay in one spot and play games, do crafts and skills, co-create rituals and share stories. 

The boys group are often more adventurous and find themselves traversing the surrounding areas by car, foot or kayak.

Our new 10+ adventure group will partake in a weekly adventure into the surrounds of the Northern Rivers; basing from Brunswick Heads. We will focus on earth living skills, group connection and self-connection. This is honed through awareness training, natural movement (hiking, climbing, stalking, swimming, surfing, fishing, throwing, carrying etc), and focused earth skills (shelter building, tool
carving/making, fire-making, bush tucker, fishing etc). Much of it will be playful, games based, incidental and fluid. Some will be focused and directed to build discipline and
strength. Mahli will bring story (personal, folk, mythic) into the group, but more importantly we will create and explore shared and personal story through our adventures and the circles that we hold. Circle culture is an important element. Music, song, ritual and ceremony may also be brought in where appropriate.

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